Hall of Fame

The Mercer Education Foundation would like to recognize former students and faculty who have as a result of their association with the Mercer School, made significant contributions to their field of work, their community or society.

  1. Each nomination shall be supported by a letter of nomination by the chief nominator outlining the case for the nomination, with letters of support by at least two other individuals who support the nomination.  Letters should clearly outline the candidate's strengths in the relevant areas described in the criteria below. As appropriate, a copy of the candidate's curriculum vitae for the entire career should be submitted. Nominees with insufficient letters of support will not be considered until the nominating conditions have been met.
  2. In the event of the Foundation receiving more than two nominations in any given year, up to two candidates per category may remain in the eligibility pool for up to two additional years without further supporting documentation or re-nomination. If at the end of those two years, the nominees have not been inducted into the Hall, they will be eligible for selection again after a period of three years has lapsed and they are re-nominated.
  3. Nominees should have a distinguished career or record of service spanning more than 25 years.

Send the information to:

Mercer Education Foundation
P.O. Box 313, Mercer, WI 54547

Nominations fall into 2 categories, click to view criteria.

Margaret "Peg" Brunner, seated center with Family
Margaret "Peg" Brunner, seated center with Family

Pastor David Stuhr - 1955 graduate
Michelle Wilson - 1990 graduate

Paul B. Leitch - principal / coach / teacher 1946-59
Rosemary Mutanen - 1944 graduate - teacher 1946-89
James Wahner - 1957 graduate

Jean Babic - teacher/librarian 1944-84
Patrick Hickman - 1980 graduate
Margaret Ervin - 1977 graduate

Rev. Richard Brunner - Valedictorian 1949
Glen Leverson - teacher/coach 1962-66 & 1970-97
Mark Lacek - 1974 graduate

Marquette Vaughan - major contributor
LaVerne Vaughan - major contributor, admin/teacher 1934-42
Tammy Thompson Moynihan - 1992 graduate
Gene Arnold - music teacher/band director 1971-78